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 1-used .Galfre  9FT $2000.--

Galfre Hay Tedders

The Galfrè Domenico & C. srl was founded in 1953. At the beginning it produced agricultural waggons, then in the course of a few years it became a company specialised in the design and the manufacturing of haymaking agricultural machinery.

Today, thanks to the quality and reliability of its products the Galfrè operates both on national and international scale.
This was possible thanks to the competence, the devotion and the reliability of those who believe that if you work well, you can always improve.

These GALFRE tedders are ideal for SPREADING & TEDDING any type of  hay  they are used to speed drying time both before and after it would rain on your hay. we recommend tedding as soon as the dew is off the morning after you mowed, approx. 9;30-10 am and going over it again 2-3 pm to bale approx. 5pm. we use this GALFRE tedder ourself on our farm and can get our timothy-orchard grass down below 19% way sooner by tedding twice on bale day.we have had other brands of tedders that were build locally, but always came back to the GALFRE TEDDER, now we are seeing some local tedder companies are COPYING after the oldest tedder of this style-GALFRE TEDDER. also we have found the GALFRE TEDDER holds up far more than some local build tedders that we used. ask your local dealer to sell you the best tedder on the market for the price,we believe, or just call us for info. ask for gerald
We have 3 models, suitable to meet your requirements.  Only owning a Galfre tedder will make you appreciate its features of reliability in design & operating ease.
Family Owned & Operated Business.

We are selling this brand for over 30 yrs.  We carry parts for all models.

Dad & Mr. Nordagri

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November 2017

Cuneo, Italy
Dad, Arlene, Jane & Nordagri Family

Fertilizer Spreader/ (Broadcaster 

10 Bushel $ 495.00
 6 Bushel  $ 395.00


Through years of research, we, at NORDAGRI, have achieved the best performances in fertilizer spreading with introducing the new series characterized by its functionability and precision.
The Gearbox has tempered steel pinions.
The spreading system is extremely simple. The fertilizer falling down directly to the bottom of the hopper, guarantees the best possible precision and also assures the complete cleaning from fertilizer wastes for a long life of the hopper. The vanes are Stainless Steel.
The lever system can be easily maneuvered and allows a perfect distribution of fertilizer in the needed spreading directions.
We carry the 600 lb. and the 1000 lb. capacity in three point.